Side 5 = Measuring Progress

Progress must be measured. Completing a task is progress.

When you complete a task, mark it off your To-Do-List. This moves you forward one notch on the
LOGICDIE wheel.  Progress is a measurement of your productivity. Your productivity is used to calculate the value of your services. You will prosper, both financially and personally in direct relationship to your productivity.  

Side Five is like a wheel that turns every time you complete a task on your To-Do-List. That is how you measure your forward progress.  

Measuring your progress is the only way to know how far you have come, or how far you still need to go. At the very beginning of a new project, it is important to list the tasks or “Ifs” that must be eliminated. Some projects may require you to complete 10 tasks,  while others may only require 1 or 2. Because you planned properly,  you will have a To-Do-List that defines the tasks to be eliminated.  This will provide direction and guidance for what needs to be done.  Complete one task at a time until you achieve your goal. 

Side Five is like putting money in the bank. Each time you move  that wheel a notch, you made a deposit in your Productivity Bank  

Productivity = Profitablitiy Your Produce = Your Profit 

Account. Your hard work will pay off. As your productivity numbers start to increase, you will profit. Productivity = Profitability.  Have you ever had to wait in a very long line; maybe for two hours or more? It can be discouraging. Sometimes you may want to give up and go home. Do not quit! Look at the back of the line and see how far you have come. You may not be where you want to be yet, but you have made great progress. Reviewing your progress can give you hope to continue. Do not give up; push forward. You can encourage and motivate yourself by looking at all the tasks you marked off your To-Do-List. When you completed 5 out of 10, you are already halfway done. Soon you will have 6 tasks completed, then 7, then 8 out of 10. At that point you will be 80%  done; you can be proud of your progress. Stay on course till the end;  you have come a long way. Keep your eyes on the goal, but look back to realize the great progress you have already made.  

Encourage yourself until you can feel the excitement and motivation in your soul. You are going to finish the job and reap the reward. It is a  good feeling when you accomplish a goal. Enjoy the moment, then get to work on your next project.