Side 4 = Categorization

(When you understand this section of the book, you will know what to do.) 

Go ahead and let yourself dream the impossible dream. When we were kids, our imagination allowed us to do anything in the world we desired. There were no limitations. We could become anybody or do anything we dreamed of. We could travel the world in our minds. As we have grown older, life’s circumstances and the people around us have slowly robbed us of our capacity to dream big dreams. It is time to set your imagination free again. Give yourself permission to dream like a kid once more. Dream the Impossible  Dream 


Although we can only accomplish one thing at a time, we have many areas of our lives that need our attention. Any time-consuming activities, such as employment, relationships, education, spirituality,  personal needs, or recreation merits its own planning process. Take time to plan each area of your life. To be truly effectual, we must  consider at a minimum the following areas of our lives: 

Each area may need to be subdivided into multiple tasks requiring your attention.  

  1. Physical health – today and long term 
  2. Relationships – family, friends, and social 
  3. Financial health – long term maintainability 
  4. Mental health including educational pursuits 
  5. Entertainment – sports, TV, computer, etc. 
  6. All areas of your life you desire to organize. 
  7. ___________________________________ 

In order for us to be well-rounded and balanced individuals, each area of our lives should be carefully planned. I know that it sounds like a lot of work – but it is your life. YOU are worth it!

We should be forming the habit of working on our primary goals or projects daily. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a notebook in which we can dedicate sections for each project. If something is important to you, by all means, give it its own section.