Think and Grow Rich
Andrew Carnegie was born to a very poor family. At age 13, he got his first job working as a bobbin boy in a cotton factory. He only earned a salary equal to about 4,155 Ugandan shillings a week. Most of his education came from reading library books and learning from watching others. Mr. Carnegie became one of the richest men in the world, applying the same principles that you are about to learn. He spent the last years of his life giving away most of his money to improve the educational system. Carnegie wanted to provide everyone the opportunity to succeed in life; that includes YOU. Therefore, he gave Napoleon Hill the task of interviewing hundreds of the most successful and richest people in the world.

Napoleon Hill learned their procedures, practices, and habits. He learned how they became successful and prospered. Hill invested 21 years discovering what you and I need to know. He put his teaching together in his “Philosophy of Success.” His findings were first published in 1936 in his book THINK AND GROW RICH. By 2015, it had sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Why? Because his principles produce results. Today, his teachings provide the foundation for most self-help training around the world. You will be learning many of Hill’s keys to success.