Angela Ardrey-Reynolds - Author, Trainer, and Mindset Transformation Coach - a teacher to the core with a passion for AWAKENING hearts and minds.

I am the creator of SUPER-YOU, where we challenge our clients to Believe in Themselves.

My message and goal is simple . . . "Become the YOU - You were Meant to Be."

I realized the "mental fat" that I was refusing to face was ultimately leading to my "physical fat." No More! Today I exemplify the message of "STRONG MIND = STRONG BODY." Addressing the "mental fat" was the missing key to my success, as is to others.
Angela Ardrey-Reynolds
We each hold the power to bring change to our lives. We must become our own superhero.

And what's my story you might ask? Well, after investing 27 years home educating my 5 daughters and watching them excel in their college studies and careers, I found myself looking for a fresh start. I returned to Corporate America - a Fortune 100 company to be exact. Quickly excelling to the company's aeronautics division, I achieved a position on the highest-level team, where we managed billion-dollar government contracts. But strangely, the fresh hope I sought in this prestigious position was leaving me emptier than ever. Watching my hope fade away and my body size grows to obesity levels, I knew my life was not on course.

Refusing to give up, I researched and persisted until I uncovered the answer to my existence - my true power, my PURPOSE. And what happened next will literally blow your mind, for I became UNSTOPPABLE . . . a true Angela.

Join me on this journey and BECOME THE YOU - YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.

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