SUCCESS STORY: My name is Sperito Mukiibi. I am the CEO of Pamoja Tours and Travel, a company I started. Ever since I meet Stan Reynolds and Simon, my life changed by about 60%. It's great to see how everyday hardships turned into simple life lessons when I related them to the LOGICDIE principles. Personally, I have accomplished a lot ever since I started applying these self-help principles. The self-help principles saved my safari company a huge sum of money. I used to think that website designing and SEO were only for professionals who must have taken a course in computer sciences and other related fields. I used to pay a lot of money to develop, update and market my safari company online until I had to FOCUS on how best one can design and manage his website. This was the ignition key to learning to make the impossible possible. 

Mr. Stan taught me self-help principles and helped me realize that for every impossibility, there is a doable side. Now, I focus more on the doable side. For instance, my journey to managing my business started by me learning how to use WordPress software for my website. I had to consult friends about website design. I had to do some YouTube tutorials and I  realized that within my circle of friends, I had IT professionals who gave me some lessons. 

Today, I bought my own Saver space, I have all my company websites transfer keys, I can change my cPanel passwords at any time, I use Yoast for SEO and now bought Yoast premium which I am still taking more tutorials on. I pay my domain annual subscription fees cheaply than the 4  times I used to pay when I had my IT contractors who were dishonest. I  hired a very honest IT staff who is also teaching me more. I mean, life is good with self-help principles.  

I married the world's most loving best friend, my partner. I cherish fulfilling all the customary marriage ceremonies and finally church wedding. The self-help principles literally gave birth to organized thoughts. Indeed, our imagination is a true sign of intelligence. I have accomplished a lot through my health initiative called Pamoja Health  Initiative which Pamoja Tours and Travel funds by contributing 5% of profits from every booked Safari. I didn't know that my safari company can instead be the organization's main funder.  

My life journey with self-help principles opened my eyes to see that I  can be everything I want to be. Especially when I learned how to eliminate the " If" statements because they only mean “I am  Fear.” For instance, if I had graduated in computer sciences, I would be managing my safari company websites, the self-help principles only show me the Doubles which are in my control. For instance, I have a smartphone with data and I can watch YouTube tutorials, Google, etc. Thank you, Mr. Stan, for changing my life forever. I will never forget you, my friend.

Stan’s Reply: Wow! You got busy and did it. You used the LOGICDIE system. You put the principles to work in your life. You took charge of You! I am very proud of you, Sperito. You have set a great example for all of us to follow. 

My friends, it is all about us. I must take charge of me and you must take charge of you. There is an old saying, “If it is going to be  - it is up to me.” That is why it is called self-help. Sperito used the same cognitive operating system that you are learning. He learned the principles of the LOGICDIE. They have helped him to be successful and they will help you succeed as well.
Sperito Mukiibi

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