Simon Okema

Simon was a student at Yale High School in Kayunga when he made a life-changing decision to learn and apply the success steps taught in my other book, HOW TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE AND A WHOLE LOT MORE.” He then began teaching his friends how to succeed too.  

He is like many Ugandans. He is not rich and struggles day to day. As a child, he escaped the wars in the north and was raised in an orphanage. Simon is determined not to allow his impoverished circumstances to stop him from accomplishing his goals. As he began to apply the same principles you will learn, he discovered that he can accomplish what seemed to be impossible. He opened several businesses, built a community center, started a school, got a road put into his village, and a whole lot more. Simon is eager to teach you how to apply the LOGICDIEprinciples in your life; you too can accomplish your goals and dreams.

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  • Location:- Otici Village Gulu, Uganda