Side 1 = Focus

Side one of the LOGICDIEreminds us to FOCUS. Focus brings clarity to your plans. 

Focus on one project at a time. Think back on your successes; the times when things really went well. You were focused

Focus can be defined as paying particular attention to small details. On a camera, we adjust the lens to bring things into focus.  The same can be true about our thinking; we may need to adjust our thinking to see clearly. Focusing helps you to see the details and develop an in-depth understanding of what you wish to accomplish.


You want a clear vision or picture of your project before you start. Use a blank sheet of paper to write down detailed descriptions of your plan. Write out what you want to accomplish: your desires,  dreams, and goals. Each goal will have its own written outline. Remember, it is easier to address and solve problems on paper before they arise, compared to waiting until a problem pops up and then trying to do something. Early planning can eliminate obstacles and make things easier for you. 

A single project may have many different components or tasks within it. Visualize each individual component to create maximum clarity.